So Many Obtunding Gases-SMOG

So Many Obtunding Gases-SMOG



A child’s health and well-being is a parent’s first and foremost priority because the least parents would want is to see their child lying sick in bed. You might get your child vaccinated for viral infections, cover him up in layers of clothes to prevent cold and flu and pack healthy homemade lunch to avoid getting sick by contaminated food but there is still a deadly monster out there that can escape all your protection barriers. Why because it is not in food or water that you can avoid nor any virus that you can get your child vaccinated for, but is a part of the air that you have to breathe in no matter what. The silent killer after your children is Smog that is being inhaled all the time. This mixture of fog and smoke might not be that harmful to you but is very dangerous for your children because they are vulnerable and more prone to air-borne infections. Smog comes in contact with the eyes, skin, throat, and lungs and so can damage all of these if safety measures are not taken.

Smog has elevated levels of ozone gas, which is good when it stays in the upper atmosphere but becomes harmful at ground level. Exposure to ozone for few hours can cause prolonged lung damage in the future too. Your children are being exposed to smog on daily basis when they go to schools, parks or other open places. Even in homes, they are not safe. The very first thing it does to your child is irritation and infection in the eyes that start to itch, water and hurt. If not taken care, they might start to bleed and cause loss of vision. This is followed by an irritation in the throat leading to dry cough, sore throat and congestion in the chest. People who have children surely know how congestion in chest and nose turns their bundles of joy into monsters that cry. Children under the age of three stop taking fluids and might get dehydrated leading to further problems. As the pollutants travel further into the respiratory track, they lead to swelling and inflammation of the lungs which is not pleasant at all. It is extremely painful and cause shortness of breath. Your child might need to get nebulized if situation gets worse. On top of all, if your child unfortunately has asthma, then situation get out of hand.

Despite of the fact that Smog is dangerous and unavoidable, you do not need to freak out or panic. There is obviously a solution to everything and if you cannot avoid it, you can take preventive measures to protect your child from it. The first thing you need to do is get masks and make your children cover their mouth and nose whenever they are outside. Secondly, buy cool sun shades for your children. It will make them feel cool and keep their eyes safe at the same time. Also, keep your children hydrated as much as possible with water and fruit juices. It would keep them happy and hydrated. Finally if you have a sensitive or asthmatic child at your hand, then be extra careful and cautious. Children are the little packets of happiness and joy and they add color to our lives. If they get sick and sad, the entire environment become gloomy. Therefore, love them, cherish them and protect them because you can!




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